I am dedicated to help you release stress and awaken your intuitive wisdom into your everyday life, using Meditation and Tarot.


MEDITATION is a way to be fully present with all of you in a soft and neutral space. The practice of meditation helps you to tune into this calm, serene place that is always with you.


TAROT and ORACLE cards reveal underlying stories and ideas to help you identify obstacles, as well as talents. They reflect your focus, which will determine where your energy flows and what you will create.


I believe we all have the ability to tap into our soul’s wisdom and create our dreams. If you are reading this, you are ready to discover your wise, loving authenticity.


Let’s start right now – Bring your focus to your breath and allow it to become longer and deeper. Now close your eyes for two deep breaths. In your own time, open your eyes and click on a button below.


I look forward to being your guide and mentor.
In love and gratitude,



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To reveal your inner wisdom



To align with your wisdom



  • Want to discover the authentic you
  • May be going through a difficult time
  • Want to develop your intuition and inner guidance
  • Dream of a easy, more fulfilling work or personal life
  • Are seeking authentic and loving relationships


  • 20 years experience in Meditation, Healing, Reiki and Tarot
  • I uncover your patterns and beliefs that cause pain and difficulties
  • I untangle any subjects from your mind that easily knock you from your centre
  • I teach you how to stay focussed on your dreams and truth
  • I support you on your healing journey


  • We discover what is most meaningful to you, creating a path of least resistance toward your dreams and desires.
  • As we focus on your truth – healing and transformation begin to occur as you manifest a new vision for yourself.

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Close your eyes and drop your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and hold for four seconds.

As you exhale, surrender all tension and feel your body relax.

Open your eyes and smile. icon-white-heart