I am a Meditation Mentor and Soul Counsellor.

My mission is to bring a sense of serenity

and heart connection to our everyday lives.

Through meditation, readings, teachings and writing,

 I inspire you to discover the path of your heart.

Think of me as your personal spiritual assistant

on the journey of inward revolution.

Here is a little information as to how I began this journey.

Denise Jarvie

In the mid-nineties I began to investigate meditation as a way to manage my depression and stress. A divorce had left me reeling in chaos as my belief system eroded away before my very eyes. Navigating this stressful time was precarious to say the least. There were times when I felt ok, even optimistic and hopeful, but there was also the times I flayed around in despair, terrified to take a step. I had no idea what triggered the ups and downs, I blamed outside conditions, such as people places or situations. I wanted to learn some control over the chaos.  

It was around this time I attended a public talk by the Dalia Lama in Melbourne. I was interested in what he had to say about living a spiritual life. I was intrigued by his loving, smiley demeanour wanting to know how this could be after all he had been through. It was a lovely calming experience, and as much as I loved the feeling I found it difficult to understand what the Dalai Lama was actually saying. Maybe that was the point. However, one sentence stood out.  I am sure he said something like:

My aim is to live life as a meditation, allowing all to come and go without pushing or pulling.

Whatever he actually said I will probably never know, but this is what I heard. His words felt good, but I had no idea what they meant or how I could apply that to my life.

I had flirted with the principles of Buddhism as I had all religions, spiritual traditions, political systems, ideologies, and art and music movements. But, I did not want to replace one belief system with another, I wanted to find something unique and authentic to me. Meditation led me to Reiki that led me back to my heart. Reiki awoke my wise higher self, that embraced my physical being self with love. I began to live my life from this whole aligned perspective. Healing occurred and outdated beliefs and ideas just fell away to reveal the path of least resistance to my dreams and desires.

Denise Jarvie

Over the years I realised I took what resonated from everything I had studied and had come up with my own way of living that shifts and moves, depending on the situation. It is an organic, living meditation, breathing love and creativity into all that I am and all that I do.

For fifteen years I been dedicated to guide and heal through private consultation, classes and courses.    

I love to light a path to the mystical inner worlds of feeling, knowing and creation.

I am the author of The Flower of Life wisdom cards, The Art of Love Tarot and a new deck due out next year call The Secret Language of Light, as well as a number of meditation CDs. I am also blessed to have my instructions on “how to use oracle cards” and a range of different card spreads published in many decks by the illuminating artist and author Toni Carmine Salerno. 

I blissfully reside in the Inner West of Sydney with my inspiring husband and our quirky Tonkinese cat.   

Denise Jarvie


My meditation practice inspired me to change my career. After a few years of intense study I became a Remedial Massage Therapist for eight years. This led me to become a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and Tarot Master. My studies are far and wide, embracing many metaphysical studies including philosophy, theology, psychology, the paranormal, counselling, sacred geometry and symbology. A strong curiosity about leading edge thoughts and ideas guide me to continually review and transform my view of me, all, and the Universe.

Denise is a member of the following associations: