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A channelled message from Astar

Ask a question and Astar will answer it for you in 250 – 300 words.

It will be sent to you via email in PDF format within 48 hours of payment.

Please write your question in the comments section as you are paying.

Namaste, Denise and Astar ♥





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  1. Denise Jarvie

    Dear Astar and Denise,

    Wow…..thanks from the bottom of my heart to yours for the wisdom of your message and insights into the question I asked and beyond..!! Truly inspiring for me and it has reminded me of my capacity to create and what it is I truly want in my life at the moment. Thank you again…there is so much going through my heart and mind that to put it onto paper would not give it justice suffice to say you have tapped into what it was I was truly asking and gave me the answer/wisdom that I needed to hear. I feel inspired, uplifted and truly loved every time I reread your message.

    With much love and gratitude always, Maria. December 2014

  2. Denise Jarvie

    Hi Denise,

    Thank you so very very much Astar and Denise from my heart and soul to yours for your amazing words of wisdom, love and guidance and confirmation in your message WOW!! . I feel truly inspired, uplifted and excited, every word resonated and reminded me of what I do already have and know with-in and to focus my thinking & feeling on my light, and to have patience…My words to you now, probably don’t relay my heartfelt gratitude and I am sending that to you from my heart, through time & space. Moving forward fearlessly & inspired…Thank you. With Love, Light and Bright blessings, Karen. February 2015

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