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Channelling your Higher Wisdom


I sense the vibes that are being emitted by us and translate what and how they will manifest into the physical. I also tune in to my higher self called “Astar” and channel the wise, loving information for our empowerment and expansion.

This is something we can all do, it is a part of our very nature and it is my intent throughout this workshop to share with you information and exercises that will strengthen your connection and trust in your higher wisdom and voice. This gives us greater choice and empowerment in the decisions we make on a daily basis. It reminds us all that we come here to create our reality not to face it.

When I was creating my “Flower of Life Wisdom Cards” with Astar, this workshop also arrived in my heart and mind. It is designed to raise your vibration and move you toward your wisdom, love and joy. Where you can tune in and connect with your own “Astar”.

Information comes in many way and many forms. Channelling is another way information comes to you. As you shift your awareness you will achieve an expanded sense/state of consciousness. With practice you will strengthen this connection until it becomes second nature.

I invite you to open your heart and mind to your higher wisdom. To feel your Flower of Life unfurl as you awaken to the authentic you – you are wise beyond measure. Namaste, Denise

The Details

The course includes five sessions that you can download and save to your harddrive.

All five sessions will be available as soon as you buy the course.

Each session has a video that includes a meditation. The videos are password protected – you will find the password in the welcome and instructions PDF after you buy the course.

Each session has a PDF playbook that includes a summary and exercise to strengthen your channelling connection.

Included is a bonus video and playsheets “How to use Oracle Cards”. I use my Flower of Life Wisdom Cards as I show you how to choose a daily card and a four card spread.

All of this for AUD$99


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Session one

  •  What is Channelling
  •  Why become a channel
  •  Meditation
  •  Grounding
  •  Protection
  •  Healing
  •  Guided Meditation for Relaxation


Session two

  •  Different Levels of Channelling
  •  What Channelling will do for you
  •  How it will feel
  •  Guided meditation to Focus intent and energy
  •  Exercise – Automatic writing


Session Three

  •  Duality and Oneness
  •  Vibrational Signatures
  •  How to trust your channelled guidance
  •  Guided Meditation for feeling your feelings
  •  Exercise – Psychometery


Session Four

  •  Your Soul Family
  •  Guides and Angels
  •  Light Beings and loved Ones
  •  Guided Meditation to meet your Guides
  •  Exercise – Covered Card


Session Five

  •  Trance Channelling
  •  Guided meditation to verbally channel your guides
  •  Exercise – record your verbal messages
  •  Where to from here
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