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Welcome to Meditation. Something has led you here, maybe your curiosity, your desire to explore, a longing to relax or the recommendation of a friend, family or healing professional, however you arrived – here you are.

In a loving space of allowing all to be as it is, we come together and meditate. We do this to relax, heal and get to know our higher wisdom.
Each month will focus on a unique topic. 

2018 Next Gatherings are:

September 20th
October 25th
November 22nd
December 20th

September 20th – Connect with your Truth.

There are many ways you can come back to your centre and dive inward. I just happen to feel Meditation is the easiest way to do this. Then from this balanced wonderful place inspiration will join you as ideas and action that resonate with the fullness of your truth. It is like a bell ringing, a great gong of knowing, going off within you. You just know and it does not matter what anyone else says, you just know it is right for you and they can’t sway you from this knowing.

Meditation has been with us since we first looked inward for answers. As we split from ourselves to experience more and see ourselves more clearly, we also realised we must come back together to incorporate the experience we just had. So, we moved outward, then took the time to meditate and move inward again to consolidate what we experienced. Then we moved forward from a new expanded foundation minus any leftover imbalances the split may have caused.

We live in a time where there is so much information and contrast that we can experience information overload when looking outward.  It can be like being swept up in a whirlwind, round and round we go, becoming lost and forgetting to reconnect with ourselves. This keeps us looking for the answers outside, taking us further and further away from our centre that contain our stability and strength.

We all know someone who we believe to have a strong sense of who they are and we all know people who have no idea who they are. Knowing who we are, means the person has found a way to come back to their centre. It might be meditation, but it might also be something that they connect to that has them feeling at ease, to enable them to feel and trust their inner voice. When we get lost we tend to lean on others, things or situations to ease the disconnection, because we have no idea what does. So, we learn to think we need things, people, places or experiences to feel ok. But this is a false premise.

Let everyone be as they are. If you are being annoyed by someone or something you are still in the whirlwind. It is time to ground your energy back to your centre. You can always come back to your centre, you can’t lose yourself totally, however you can hold yourself away. The choice of course is always yours and no amount of well-meaning people trying to cajole, intervene or guilt you into anything else will not change your mind and heart unless you are ready to do that for you.

On this special evening we will dive inward and touch the feeling of your truth.

Thursday 20th of September from 7 to 8.30pm
at The Genki Centre in Glebe.
Cost is $25
~ A ten minute talk about meditation.
~ A  forty minute guided Meditation specially channelled on the night.
~ Q and A
~ An information sheet and Flower of Life Oracle card message to take home.


What happens in a gathering?

These classes are co-creative, meaning Denise tunes into the energy of the group and allows words to flow that are needed for the group and individuals in attendance. These words carry energy and wisdom that will bring balance, healing and revelations. Denise begins the evening with a 10 minute discussion about meditation and the topic. The main reason for the words is to lift the vibration of everybody in the group. This warms you up bringing balance and healing so you enter your meditation at the most suitable place for greater meaning and feeling.

After the discussion Denise will guide you through a meditation that will be approximately 40 minutes long. Afterwards, if you want, you can ask questions.

Cushions, blankets and chairs are provided, but you are most welcome to bring your own. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. 

These classes are designed for all – beginners and experienced.

Guided Meditation

The style of meditation is guided visualisation – Denise will lead you through a beautiful guided meditation and visualisation that will be different each time.

Sharing your Experience

You are given the opportunity to share your experience of the meditation and also to speak, in confidence, about any current life issues. This is a special part of the class, as it provides a sacred and clear space in which to talk freely, be supported and ground your experiences. 

Oracle Cards

There are always plenty of different decks of Oracle cards you can play with in class. You may like to choose a card to meditate on or find a message. I always encourage participants to choose a card at the end of the meditation as the message carries a magical understanding of what they have just experienced.

The Benefits

Meditation is a wonderful way to experience, feel and hear your inner voice, as you gently move from the outside world. The more you connect to your centre, the more you will feel your divine truth, love and wisdom. Meditation gives us a break from all – allowing all things to be as they are – nothing to fix, nothing to change, just time to be.

Exposing yourself to regular higher vibrational energy and wisdom will expand your consciousness. This enables you to feel and hear your higher self and truth. The more you practise this feeling of connection to you, the more solid your belief in you becomes. From this solid foundation you can go anywhere your heart desires.

How did this begin?

Denise started attending Meditation classes when she stepped onto her path – she found them to be a huge support and of great importance to her wellbeing and transformation. She moved from attending classes to facilitating them about fifteen years ago. These classes are co-creative, the group is the inspiration for the meditation and because of this, she prefers to call them a gathering.

Denise loves the co-creative process of the classes and knows how important regular time out and letting go is to her and others happiness. The classes provide a space to take time out of your busy, outer-focused life in order to gain clarity, peace and nourishment that regular stillness can give.

To book please email Denise

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