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Online Moon Meditation Gatherings


New Moon and Full Moon Online Live Meditation Gatherings

I am cancelling the rest of this year as this format is not working as I expected. I will be returning to meditation gatherings around September in person with an option to download the recorded meditation. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Twice a month Denise facilitates a live online meditations gathering (scroll down for dates)

Each meditation harnesses the energy of the moon and will be different.

The gathering will last about an hour and include:

  • Introductory talk about the theme.
  • Thirty minute meditation.
  • Q and A.

Free Meditation Gifts
To help you learn more about the Moon and Meditation
I have created some goodies from my HEART to YOURS.
This includes three EBooks, two meditations and a talk.
All of this is yours to keep and will also prepare you for the online meditations.


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Thursday 7.00pm – 8.00pm
$10 each class
This includes

  • The Live online Meditation Session.
  • An MP3 recording you can download.
  • A PDF information sheet.
  • A PDF worksheet.

Please click on the ADD TO CART button to pay by PayPal (you can pay by Visa M/C without a PayPal account)

Once you have paid you will receive an email with the material that you can download, including instructions with a link to join the next Moon Meditation event via Zoom.

Please click on description for details about Zoom and further information about the class.

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What will happen once you have paid.

Once you have paid you will receive an email with the material that you can download and a separate email with a link (red in the example below) for the Live Moon Meditation on Zoom.

It will have details on it that look like this example:

Topic: Full Moon Meditation February 2017

Time: Feb 8th, 2017 7:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: (this is an example only)

Zoom is like Skype, but you don’t need to have an account.

Zoom is easy to use on your PC, Mac, Lap top, Tablet, IPhone or Android phone.

You will need to download the free Zoom application, this will only take a few minutes.

If this is your time on Zoom I recommend you do this before the class begins, so you don’t miss anything.

For PCs and Macs please go to and download Zoom Client for Meetings.

If you are using a smart phone; search your apps for Zoom Meetings and download the free app.

Then all you need to do is click on the link that I have emailed to you.

Here is a 1 minute video from Zoom for more info

The day after the Gathering you will receive a link via email that will enable you to download a MP3 of the full gathering. This is in case you missed it or if you want to participate again.


Downloading the Documents

*Please note you will be using your data plan if not connected to Wi Fi.

Click on the link and then click on “Save As”.

Then choose where you would like to save the files. E.g. hard drive, portable drive, Dropbox or the cloud. I recommend you create a moon meditation folder, so that you can add the different documents from each class.

If you store them in your cloud or Dropbox account, you will have access through all your devices that are connected to your cloud.

The worksheets will need to be opened in the Adobe Acrobat Reader if you want to write straight onto them. Once you have typed in your words remember to save the document. You can also print them out and write on them.

Why Meditate with the Moon
The moon shines light into our inner worlds. This makes it easier to know ourselves and what makes our hearts sing or shrink. Getting to know what makes us tick will make us aware on what to focus on to create a life of our dreams.

The New Moon
The New Moon meditation is designed to connect to your deep inner world to draw upon the unified field of ideas and creation. Come and turn inward and plant the seeds of your dreams. This is a wonderful time to begin anything and to start from where you are.

The Full Moon

The Full moon meditation is designed to illuminate your inner worlds and deepest desires in celebration. It is a wonderful time to recognise and rejoice your successes and achievements. It is also a time of grace and gratitude as we let go of all that is no longer needed in our lives.

What happens in a gathering? 

These classes are co-creative, meaning Denise works with the energy of all who attend. Denise begins the evening with a discussion about the them – then she tunes into the energy of the group and allows words to flow that are needed for the group and individuals in attendance. These words carry energy and wisdom that will bring balance, healing and revelations. This discussion generally lasts about 15 minutes. The main reason for the words is to lift the vibration of everybody in the group. This warms you up bringing balance and healing so you enter your meditation at the most suitable place for greater meaning and feeling. This experience can move you to your truth, wisdom and love in a quicker manner. 

After the discussion Denise will guide you through a meditation that will be approximately 30 minutes long. Afterwards, if you want, you can ask questions. These classes are designed for all – beginners and experienced.

The Benefits

Meditation is a wonderful way to experience, feel and hear your inner voice, as you gently move from the outside world. The more you connect to your centre, the more you will feel your divine truth, love and wisdom. Meditation gives us a break from all – allowing all things to be as they are – nothing to fix, nothing to change, just time to be.

Exposing yourself to regular higher vibrational energy and wisdom will expand your consciousness. This enables you to feel and hear your higher self and truth. The more you practise this feeling of connection to you, the more solid your belief in you becomes. From this solid foundation you can go anywhere your heart desires.

Guided Meditation

The style of meditation is guided visualisation – Denise will lead you through a beautiful guided meditation and visualisation that will be different each time. 

Denise started attending Meditation classes when she stepped onto her path – she found them to be a huge support and of great importance to her wellbeing and transformation. She moved from attending classes to facilitating them about fifteen years ago. As these classes are co-creative, meaning they are different each time as Denise works with the energy of the group, she prefers to call them a gathering.

Denise loves the co-creative process of the classes and knows how important regular time out and letting go is to her and others happiness. The classes provide a space to take time out of your busy, outer-focused life in order to gain clarity, peace and nourishment that regular stillness can give.

Reviews (1)


  1. Denise Jarvie (verified owner)

    I have attended Denise Jarvie’s group meditations for years, always amazed by her insights and ability to tune into the energy of the group, and at the beauty of the meditative journeys she takes you on.
    The shifts I have experienced on all levels have been profound and life-changing. For me, the greatest benefit of working with Denise is how she equips you, at your own pace, to deal with life and yourself in a healthy and loving way. This is not about a quick fix; this is a deep ongoing journey with self that is nurturing and transformative. I am so pleased that Denise has taken her meditations online – I will be regularly tuning in.
    – AL (Sydney)

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