Meditation Gathering – coming together to inquire into our true nature, in a space of allowing all to be as it is. Tonight 7pm and Friday at 10am, $15 – Expand your Awareness.
♥ Be a living expression of the Universal Life force, allow it to flow through you, to inspire, to illuminate the love in all.

 I meditate in the morning just as I wake up, for I am still in the innocence phase of my day, meaning all is just as it is, and I have not started to introduce yesterday’s beliefs and conclusions. Here I float in a space of least resistance, firming up this space before I start to introduce any resistance. I want to be in a place of ease to create my day, for I want to go about it the easy way, not the hard way most of us do.
So I meditate to train myself into feeling who I truly am. It is the rest of the world that I let pull me away from me; this is what we often call reality, however meditation has helped me to realise I can create my reality, by whatever I focus upon. So today as I meditate I am setting up my day for a path of least resistance. When I go to bed I also meditate and release the day. This gives me the best chance possible to have dreams that are aligned with my desires and wake up in the feeling of my desires. How will you create your life today? Namaste, Denise♥

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