When I was going through a difficult time in my Reiki Master training about 12 years ago, my Reiki Master gave me these words. I have a Reiki Master student who is going through something similar that prompted me to remember this. I would like to share it today to assist all in becoming a master. I have no idea of their origin, but they soothed and helped me to let go of the old so I could create the new – may they do the same for you. Allow the word God to mean whatever is most meaningful to you. There is no right or wrong – I feel we all flow from the Source so we are all God. God is another name for my higher self and it is also the Grand Organising Design. Namaste, Denise


♥My God, to you alone I give my heart for safe keeping. As you hold me in your love so pure, I allow my heart to open, so that your divine light and love pour forth to humanity, through this sacred pink rose at the centre of my heart. I allow this sacred rose to bloom at the core of my essence so that its sweet healing fragrance may reach the ends of the Earth with every breath I breathe. May the divine rays of its healing light pour forth to all I meet. My heart is drawn into the sacred flame of your divine heart, so that I may abide in the love, light and peace which is my true divine destiny. In love and light and peace, I live.♥

Image: Autumn Leaves by Toni Carmine Salerno


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