Mabon – Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere, March 21, 2:57AM AEST and Ostara – Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, March 20, 4:57pm UTC – a time when the light of day and the dark of night are equal. After a powerful full moon, you may be feel a little turned around. When you lift your vibration to be in fullness of your love and light, you will definitely feel it when you move away even slightly. This may present a feeling of panic and slipping backwards. You are always moving forward, you just have to make your new foundation your absolute practised way of living your life.

Wherever you are, know this energy gives you an opportunity to balance and embrace all parts of yourself as you let go of any barriers and obstacles that have been holding you back from you. It is time to review and contemplate all you have accomplished and created. It is time to let go – honour all that you have done. Whatever you have created, whatever you have accomplished, no longer cling to it….. let it go….  move on, in order to create more – accomplish more. We are one and connected to all.

During the day feel the sun illuminate your outer world and during the night feel the moon reflecting the solar energy to illuminate your inner world. Know the power of your mind and feel the expansiveness of your heart, unite them in a sacred marriage and become one with you. The illusion of unbalanced thinking melts away – you now become love, gratitude and grace – seeing and feeling the perfection of all. Everything, person, place and situation has a core of unconditional love that is calling you to your heart, your essence, your soul.


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