Yesterday brought stirrings of my Father’s inner journey of peace. Dad fought in the second world war and often marched in the Anzac parade. Even though he always told me he fought for freedom and peace these two things seem to elude him. This caused him to squeeze the joy from his heart and look for conditions that would make him feel peaceful and joyous.
Constantly searching, he took myself and the family along on his journey. I thank him for the adventures that moved me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to dig deep into my fears and face them – not always easy or comfortable and I often went there kicking and screaming, however it did lead me to ask different questions of life that lead me to where I am today.
Here I can see Dad laid the foundation for Peace and Freedom in my life and generation. Each generation comes already with what the previous generation wanted. In gratitude and love I honour all our ancestors for all they experienced for the expansion of our lives and creation.
If you are searching for serenity, security, being loved or prosperity, know it is already in your life. It may not be in a form that you expect, however, it is there. . Be still, sit within your sacred heart and allow the mysteries of life to float towards you. Open your eyes… see through new eyes and be illuminated by your mystery. All exists in each moment, Denise♥

 Image: Dad and Me circa 1970

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