Mercury in retrograde has brought me to a sense of stillness. Here I have the time and space to dive inward and clean up anything that easily knocks me off my centre. Everyday I will make feeling the best I can in every moment my focus. Instead of looking outward and trying to change conditions I will cast my gaze inward and embrace all unconditionally and thus set myself free. Use this three weeks to communicate clearly with yourself, get to know you for you are wonderful.

All that happens and all that we participate in are inspired actions to assist us in our clarity. A wonderful or not so wonderful event allows us to become clearer with what we want or don’t want. So everything really does happen for a reason, however you created it or rendezvous with it because it was an active vibration that has become a belief within you.
FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS, June 13 AUST EST 2.11pm, GMT 4.11am – June 12th PDT 9.11pm. A full moon brings about completion, release and celebration, Illuminating your inner world and deepest desires. Allow this full moon energy to focus on …higher learning and wisdom in a fun and joyous way. Instead of focussing on what you think has to change, let it be the inspiration of something new, a path of creation toward your dreams and desires. Gently feel yourself floating upward and seeing all from your higher self. Notice that all is spiritual that at the heart of all is love. Choose to be in love and not fear – you will know where you are by the way you feel. As you float down to merge with your magnificent body ground this higher wisdom, bring in love, enjoy each moment, be joyous, illuminate outwards and feel free. Namaste, Denise

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