Hearing of Anita Ekberg’s passing, I was reminded of images that still burn bright in me today. When I first saw La Dolce Vita in the late seventies, it brought an excitement of possibilities and a sense of relief to my mundane, teenage suburban existence. I longed for a feeling of freedom where dreams could be realised.
The Trevi Fountain scene is still as powerful to me today – I see a woman allowing her inner goddess to experience life in ways that seem to move beyond every boundary I was taught not to cross. It brought hope that there were people in the world that viewed life from a different perspective without judgment. Something new stirred within me, and I began a search for a way to create a different life.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all from this movie that introduced me to Federico Fellini’s work that brought his dreams to life  – some I liked, some I didn’t. However his work taught me not to judge, but just to let things be. I took what inspired me and left the rest there, this was his creation and has as much right to be in the world as everyone else’s creation upon the Earth. It is not my place to judge I take what inspires me and create the life that I so desire. To this day I admire all those who create from the edge, expanding our hearts and minds.
What experiences in your life have opened you to the possibility all is possible? Feel the feeling and set yourself free. Namaste, Denise

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