• NEW MOON IN LIBRA OCTOBER 13th AUST EDT 11.05am, GMT 12.05am. OCTOBER 12th PDT 5.05pm.
    The New Moon always gives you the opportunity to spiral within illuminating the parts of you that are hidden, in order to bring healing and balance. This new moon heralds a softer time to restore harmony. The past few months have stirred your inner realms and brought all that no longer serves you to your attention. This has occurred for you to clean up your energy and remove the obstacles you have placed on your path of dreams. The hard work is over. Libra is all about balance – seek counsel within your centre, your essence, define who you are in relation to all things. The outward freedom that we experience, can only be equal to the inward freedom which we may have grown into and become. You are free. Once you are aware of anything that is out of balance embrace it with love and feel yourself come to peace with you. Allow this to radiate into your outer world, reflecting the balance, peace and love you feel within and inspire those around you to embrace their beauty and love, thus finding their own balance.


Your dreams and desires are always finding a way to be in your heart. Here you can feel the beauty and know it will become as it already exists within you. This is your higher creative self inspiring, loving and easing you into peace with you. Allow your dreams to illuminate all possibilities – for these feelings, dreams and knowing’s always precede your physical experience. Set yourself free and become all you are. When you allow this to happen in your dreams it will flow into your waking life. Everything starts with a dream……..♥

Close your eyes, take a deep breathe in and as you let it out, feel your consciousness moving to your sacred place. A soft place in you, where all is one, where unconditional love wraps around you…. Come home to you and feel completely at one with you. Gently let go and surrender all that holds you back…Feel your mind and body soften, lighten, feeling at ease with all. Allow the words “All things are possible” to combine with your whole being…. expanding into the love of you……..As you open your eyes…. you will see through new eyes. Om, Denise♥

Image: Song of Spirit by Toni Carmine Salerno

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