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Hi Everyone, Denise here and welcome to 2016

Twice a month I will be offering videos that coincide with the themes of the new and full moon. There will be supporting social media and blogs posts to keep you focused on the theme.

The theme for this two weeks came to me in the form of a word – the word Responsibility. Don’t freak out, for it is not quite what you think it is – This is a reminder that you are responsible for your own happiness. Before you get all over responsible about it, I mean honouring yourself, taking the time to care and honour your energy, meaning to care about how you feel. Then do whatever you need to do. If you take the time to align with yourself anything you do will feel better and that feeling will grow, if you don’t you will embark on anything from an out of balance perspective and it will feel off and that feeling will grow. It may seem logical that whatever you are doing, looking at or experiencing must be what is making you feel off. But is it?

The word responsibility activates thoughts that relate to all that stuff we don’t really want to do, but feel obliged to do. And only then can us ourselves some attention, but by then we are usually too tired and this triggers resentment. You are Responsible for your thoughts, for what goes into your mouth and for what comes out of your mouth. You are responsible for your energy and where your energy is at any time. It is time to know and love ourselves, for how can anyone else know or love us, if we don’t know and love who we are.

What if you knew yourself what if you really trusted your word, believed in you? Now you have a different perspective and are less likely to take things personally and be run by outside circumstances.

The new moon is a dark moon it is a black velvety background from which anything can be created and born. Of course you can set intentions whenever you like. I just like to follow the lunar cycle as an honouring process to myself and the natural world. This first week we set the intentions, we get clear with what the word responsibility means to us. The second week we look for where that intention is already in our life in our life or what we are pulling towards us and become grateful for the experience that is assisting us in creating and growing our manifestations. Then at the full moon we celebrate all that has manifested and will work with a new theme. So look out for the next video.

Capricorn new moon brings us the tenacity to stay true to our path as we define and embrace the foundations and structures in our life. Realise your truth no matter what anyone else says or does to you. Feel your truth and let everyone else feel their truth. Can you feel yourself unwinding, feeling a little easier? For as you become responsible for being true to you, you set yourself free and set everyone else free also. For you no longer hold them or situations responsible for your happiness.

So how can we bring about a sense of responsibility to care about how we feel?

Start by writing down seven ways you want to feel better in your life. This is not about being selfish, this is about learning to care and be nice to yourself. You are welcome to download and print out the Capricorn New Moon Intentions PDF, the link will be at the bottom. As you are writing Dig deep and ask yourself how do I want to respond to life, how do I want to feel in my life.

I don’t want you to look at the things you think need fixing and try to fix them. You know now that’s the old meaning for the word responsibility. You are responsible for how you feel, only you are, stop blaming a thing, a person, your life, your body or the weather. And focus on the things that you already do well for yourself, the things that you are good at. What is it in your day that you don’t have to be motivated to do, that you don’t have to put on an alarm to get out of bed, what you do without any effort. Focus creates more of what you focus upon.

May this assist you in feeling easy and free to create a life of your dreams. You are so wonderful and I know you have the strength and ability to be you. Thank you for listening. Comment below, check out my website or social media and if you feel so inclined come to my meditation class or go to my shop and check out my Dissolving stress meditation cd to support your journey, specifically track 2 Meditation for Relaxation.

Whatever has occurred has occurred, start from where you are right now and move forward. Leave all the old responsibilities on the path and pick up the responses from your inner world.

Have a magical time and I will see you in a couple of weeks. Namaste, Denise

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