In last week’s video, we wrote down what we wanted to create around the subject of “Responsibility to self and self-care”. Check out the video here.

Every day this week for a couple of minutes, close your eyes and feel how you think you will when you are living your desires. Feel it and see if you can identify anything in your life that feels the same and write it down. Close your eyes once again and open yourself the experiences over the past week and see where your desires are already turning up. Remember your feeling is also a manifestation.

1. Be present, be a conscious creator.

Take a breath and be here right now. Breathe into your body into your mind, and embrace the good and bad bits of you and your life. Let it all be there for every experience and feeling has wisdom to share with you. Wisdom that will point you on the path of your dreams. You can’t know what you truly desire unless you are fully present with you. When you are not present you are looking at everyone else and wishing for what they have – now you don’t think you are enough, now you are comparing yourself to an idealized concept. If it feels bad and it most probably will – IT IS NOT YOUR TRUTH!

2. Your Focus creates your life

Wherever you place your focus, more of this will come to you. If you are reacting to the outside world, to what others are doing, creating or saying to you – this is where the majority of your focus goes and more of this will turn up in your life. Your conclusion will be – “That is just the way it is”, because the outside world is supporting your beliefs. Here’s a radical thought – Change your beliefs and your life will change. This is not a new concept, and I am sure you have heard it in some form or another. Once you realise this is a law of the Universe, and it is the way creation occurs, you can begin to move with it and become a deliberately focused creator, instead of a reactionary creator. You did not come here to face reality; you came here to create reality.

3. Choose to focus on what feels good.

Life will be filled with ups and downs. It can be like riding a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. This is the way we learn to focus on what we want to create. You can choose to let the outside experiences run you or inspire you. When you awaken to your authenticity you will go from “OMG here we go again, I don’t want to experience this pain, what is wrong with me, what have I done wrong, why does this always happen to me, why aren’t people nice to me” to “I may not like this right now. However, I know it will pass. These buttons can only be pushed if I have buttons to be pushed, and this uncomfortable feeling is showing me where I am yet to harmonious and love something about me. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and know something new about myself” The first perception is the victim and fearful, the second is the master and loving. The outside circumstances are the same, but the perception is very different. Awaken and see the world through new eyes.

4. Get clear about how you want to Feel.

How do you want to feel in your life? Get clear with it. We have been taught to get used to feeling negative feelings. An old belief tends to bang around in a lot of us “If you are lucky, if you do the right thing, every now and again something good may happen – but you must work hard, and a little bit of suffering doesn’t go astray either.” I feel miserable and hemmed in just writing it. I want to feel easy, soft, inspired, creative, hopeful, abundant and loved – I can choose to feel all of those things right now, no matter what is going on in my life. And if something not so nice is occurring, I don’t take it personally and allow it to inspire new creations and paths that will inspire me further to my alignment of ease. From this place, you can inspire all to their own alignment. There is never a happy ending to an unhappy story – How do you want to feel? Start by telling new stories.

5. Meditate

All of the above are made easier when you meditate. Meditation is joyous and wonderful but if you feel it is a chore, or you are resisting it, stop and do something else and maybe come back to it late. Never force yourself if there is no fun or inspiration in the process. Feel easy and soft practise this way of being and all the obstacle to all you desire will begin to dissolve. 15 to 20 minutes is plenty to meditate daily. Love the sensation. Don’t make it a conceptual, intellectual process. The purpose of meditation is not to withdraw from your life, but to soothe your resistance and obstacles to your dreams.  When excuses and obstacles fall away, you will bump into and marry up with the absolute fullness of you. From this loving, balanced perspective of you and your inner self, you open to receiving the creative genius and wisdom that you are. You know yourself the best you know what you love and what your dreams are. Get in touch with your inner self, adjust to the frequency and then live it.

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