After last week’s “The Vibe” video, I encouraged you to celebrate all the things in your life that made you feel confident. This week is the last week in the moons cycle that leads us to the new moon. In this this week lets integrate all that we have experienced this month. Download the free worksheet and list seven things you have learned or have become clearer with from the previous three weeks. This is a completion and review phrase and a wonderful time to retreat into the beauty of you and release expectations to any particular outcomes. Below I added some information that will empower you.

1 Become an expert about you.

We can be so discerning about what we want to experience or not and yet we often believe every thought in our mind. It is almost like our thoughts think us, we think it without any thought – it is automatic. And of course they are – until we decide to notice them and decide whether it feels good or not to think these thoughts. If you find yourself saying something like “I don’t know why I do that” or “That’s just who I am” you are being run by beliefs that may not be working for you anymore. But until you take the time to know you, you will automatically be at their mercy. Do you know you? Do you really know what you want to create, experience and do? Are these your dreams or someone else’s

2 Knowing yourself brings great clarity to your life choices.

We have been taught that the happiness we seek is out there somewhere. If you just work hard enough, long enough, get more qualifications you will become something in your life. So stopping, meditation and learning to just be can seem like a distraction from the stuff we need to do to go about and create our lives. Value is placed upon money and status. We are shaped by our outward appearance and then look for approval that we are doing ok. There is nothing wrong with having anything in your life as long as you don’t treat it as your source of happiness. You are your source of happiness. When you know this everything in your life becomes more fun and fulfilling.

3 Make time and space to get to know you.

Knowing who you truly are will not happen unless you take the time and effort to realise it. This does not mean it has to be hard and this is another process to fix you – for in the eyes of the universe you are already perfect. This is a way to truly know you, for how can anyone else know you unless you do. If you are searching for another to fill you up, entertain you and make you feel good, you will always be ruled by others actions and the conditions they create. You did not come here to be entertained by another’s creations, you came here to create your own entertainment and that will always feel satisfying. If you don’t create your own life you will become part of someone else’s creation.

4 Self Inquiry Contemplations

Find a place and time that is quiet and relaxing. Make a date with yourself.

Take deep breaths until you feel relaxed. Allow your body and mind to soften. You are about to discover your treasures.

A choice does not mean it is forever. It can be from day to day and that one intention will lead to another; intention builds on itself.

Be gently for you don’t need to know what your purpose is here on earth in the larger sense; instead ask yourself when you wake up in the morning, “what’s my purpose here on earth today?” Keep it simple.

Practice setting intention in your day to day activities and it will become easier to manifest larger intentions, year to year… or lifetime to lifetime…….

You are always connected to your infinite stream of divine guidance.

Still yourself for a moment and allow it to flow to your awareness. Imagine a point of light within your heart centre – see it growing into a golden flame. Feel its beautiful warmth sending waves of relaxation through you. This is your light of Awareness, a guiding presence that is always with you. Allow your being to rest in this place. Trust this light knows you, always revealing your truth and essence to you.♥

Here is a card I chose from my Flower of life cards – check out the orbs of creation flowing from the fully open flower. When you know yourself you are open to create and receive your dreams that are the orbs.


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