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Hi, Denise here and Welcome to the vibe for March 2016.

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This month we find ourselves in the midst of eclipses, the spring and autumn equinox and a time of death and rebirth. This is a great time for renewal and connection to your higher self.  Even though this is the theme and focus for this month know your mind body and spirit are continuously renewing your higher self is always shining upon you. Allow the focus on these themes to gently stir your imagination and dreams so that you can become accustomed to your authenticity. We have been taught to only believe things when we see them. But this revealing energy turns this belief around to align with the law of attraction. So ” I believe it when I see it”  becomes “I will see it when I believe it.”
If we look outward for physical indicators and acceptance of our happiness, we split ourselves from our inner wisdom and go in search of the thing we let go of. So when you hear just reconnect with you, go within, and your answers are within, it can sound bizarre and meaningless.  It can feel weird when we try to connect with our inner world because the other way has been practised for so long. It is easy to fall back on what we have known, but this will have us mistrusting the feelings and info that come to us and create similar experiences. Your life does change every moment but if you enter each day with the same perceptions and beliefs that are what you will create and experience. Are you keeping up with your own growth or are you clinging to what you have known. One will liberate you, and one will imprison you.
In recognising and following your intuition, you can be guided by your Higher Self rather than just your mind. Over time, you will bring your mind and intuition together and create your unique intuitive wisdom.

I have found the best way to connect to your intuition is through your imagination. Use your imagination to feel how you feel, when you are sad, happy, angry, blissful, frustrated and loving. Get to know these feelings so you can invoke or shift them at will to feel a sense of balance. When you are balanced, in harmony you are aligned with you and are in a state of love. From this place, you can hear all of your inner wisdom. You have always been hearing your inner wisdom but when your alignment is split and your focus is elsewhere it becomes background noise that makes no sense. So tune in, imagine you are fully intuitive and create a dream life.

As much as this time stirs up all imbalances within us for us to bring balance while this is occurring it can feel like your world is being turned upside down. Please know you have not done anything wrong, it is just the way you have been going about certain things in your life is no longer relevant in the creation of your dreams and desires. This is the natural evolution of your life. Take a breath and reflect, you live your life differently than last month, last year or when you were a child.  You will always be who you are, but this life allows you to create more of what you love, by experiencing all the contrast of this world and others creations. Whatever you focus on is where your precious energy goes to. So are you going to focus on what makes your heart sing or what makes your heart shrink. Right now is an amazing time to invoke your imagination, let it stir within your dreams to see new possibilities and ways of being that are connected to your deepest desires. See this as a time to get to know and understand you.
Earlier this month on the new moon we experienced a solar eclipse. Eclipses always come in pairs so at the next Full moon a lunar eclipse will happen. Solar eclipses transform your outer life. Lunar eclipses transform your inner life. Eclipses are opportunities to wipe the slate clean and start again, to open doorways and sweep out the debris of the past and for change and liberation. This is easier to do when you feel grounded so wherever you are in the world connect to the earth below your feet. Feel your energy intermingling with the earth’s energy like the roots of a tree. Now, expand your openness to greater levels in preparation to receive the absolute fullness of you. Feel grateful for everyone who have entered and left your life, for the experiences every relationship and places you have lived, have given you. You are safe, and you are strong, ready to be you in all of your wonderful wisdom and glory. Your life has shaped you and from this moment onward you can shape your future. You can be your dreams and desires right now. Feel it, know it, be it and soon this vibrational reality will become your physical reality. Enjoy the journey.
Until next time Namaste, Denise♥

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