Reiki is a spiritual practice and a healing art.

Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced as Ray-Key. “Rei” means mysterious, transcendental spirit and “Ki” translates to light and energy. Together it becomes “Universal life force energy.” This is the energy of light and love that is also known around the world as “Prana”, “Chi”, “Life Force” or “Divine light”.

Reiki is unconditional love, an all encompassing energy that balances the Universe in divine order.

Have you ever been in Love or truly disliked a person? We can’t see the feeling and yet we know it exists because we feel it. We can’t see radio waves or gravity and yet we know they exist. This is the same for Reiki energy, we may not be able to see it and yet it can be felt as warmth, coolness, vibration, colours, insights or a safe feeling.

Reiki will stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities in the following ways:

  • Mental level: eases stress, fear and depression.
  • Physical level: relieve aches and pains by stimulating and triggering the body’s own natural healing processes
  • Emotional level: brings a sense of relaxation and balance while promoting personal responsibility and development.
  • Spiritual level: brings peace by expanding one’s own wisdom, love and empowerment.

Personal transformation and deep inner healing may be experienced during and after a Session/s. Most People feel relaxed and restored, sometimes a little light headed. Old hurts and blocked emotions may come to the surface to be healed. You may feel like crying or feel a little out of sorts, this will pass; it is part of the healing process and you will feel uplifted and energised. Denise will assist you as you move through anything, please contact her if you have any questions after the healing.

If you can, spend some quiet time after a healing to allow the energies to integrate. If you feel inclined writing or drawing what you felt during the session and what you feel now, may illuminate different perspectives, that will assist you move toward your heart where your unique wisdom, will light your path.

A regular healing is a great way to nurture and honour yourself, Denise has regular healings (at least once a month) as part of her maintenance plan. This reminds her of her natural state of being – her higher self of love, where fear does not reside.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~ Tao Te Ching

Reiki helps us to clear and release any stagnant, emotional or negative energy we may be storing in our bodies. It will help to balance and move energy through us, allowing us to feel lighter, flowing with life and not struggling. This process also balances and clears our chakras and aura.

It is a very gentle process, you will feel relaxed and calm and you may even go to sleep. If you find yourself worrying or analysing about what is going on, it is Ok. The energy is intelligent and will always go to where it is most needed – Healing always takes place on some level. A session will leave you feeling peaceful and balanced.

The Reiki channel places their hands in various positions on the body of the client. The Universal life force energy flows into the facilitator, filling them up first and then flows from their hands on to the client. The energy is intelligent and will go to where it is needed the most.

Reiki is a beautiful energy that can only be used to help and connect us to our true nature.

When we allow the healer within to show up truly anything is possible; We take responsibility for our own healing, we claim our unlimited power and ability to live our life by Design and Choice. We not only change the world…We begin to create the highest vision ever held for our own lives, the world around us, and all of humanity.

Reiki Card from Flower of Life wisdom cards by Denise Jarvie


“Healing” is to make whole – to bring all opposing ideas and forces within us together into a complete state of love and peace. An illness or dis-ease, whether it be mental, physical or emotional is your body’s way of communicating a message to you that an aspect in your life needs attention, as it is not working as it could be.

Often we think we are being punished or we may have done something to upset the Universe/God if we are in a state of dis-ease. Remember the Universe is unconditional love and as such will never judge you. The message through dis-ease is helping you to move to a higher level of awareness, to become more of who you truly are.

Dis-ease or dis-comfort, are wake- up calls, making us aware of changes we may need to implement in our lives. Listen and feel your physical body communicating to you as it is helping us to see the beauty and gift in all things and make the changes required.

Only we have the ability to make changes in our life, we are capable of healing anything, even a terminal illness. The changes must come from you, open yourself to the possibility that anything is possible and miraculous healings may occur.

“To heal the body, you must first heal the mind.” ~ Plato

A Meditation

From a spiritual point of view “Healing” is to make whole – to bring all opposing ideas and forces within us together into a complete state of love and peace.

Sit quietly, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Focus on the top of your head; feel the Universal life force flow into and around you, it is filled with unconditional love and light. Feel your body, heart & mind relax & soften. Imagine yourself in complete wellness and doing things that you love to do. Open your eyes and enter your day………. ♥

You are love and you are loved, Denise♥

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