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Channelling your Flower of Life Workshop


A STAR map of your POTENTIAL

Denise is the creator of The Flower of Life Wisdom cards The Messages were channelled through her higher self – a group of non physical light beings called Astar.

Come and join Denise and other like minded Souls’ on a magical day of expansion, love and healing. You will learn how to connect to your higher self in a way that resonates with you and open a channel to divine wisdom.

Information comes in many way and many forms. Channelling is another way information comes to you. As you shift your awareness you will achieve an expanded state of consciousness. With practice you will strengthen this connection until it becomes second nature. This channelled information can come to you in many different ways – you may hear words, see pictures or feel impulses that you can then describe in your unique way. It will feel like a natural conversation with yourself that flows with many “Aha” moments. The more you flow in this energy, the easy it is to feel, understand and hear your divine guidance that is the love and light of the Universe.

You will Learn

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • What is channelling
  • What channelling will do and not do for you
  • How does channelling feel
  • Connecting to your higher wisdom meditation
  • Q and A

Week 2

  • Different Levels of Channelling
  • Guided meditation to Focus intent and energy
  • Exercise – Intuitive writing
  • Tune into vibes
  • How to trust your channelled guidance
  • Guided Meditation for feeling your feelings
  • Exercise – Psychometery
  • Q and A

Week 3

  • Your Soul Family
  • Guides and Angels Light Beings and loved Ones
  • Guided Meditation to meet and verbally channel your Guides
  • Q and A

Included is:

  • Three live Zoom 1.5hr Sessions – They will be available to download and keep for later viewing and review.
  • A downloadable PDF workbook you can type straight into or print.
  • Meditations to download and keep.
  • A 10% discount for a one on one session with Denise.

You don’t need a deck of The Flower of Life to do this workshop – I will be choosing a card for the exercise. But, for a more personalised experience choosing your own card from the deck, would help you to clarify your channelling.

It is advisable that you have completed INTRODUCTION TO CHANNELLING.

Come and experience the wisdom of your Soul.


When: 2021 time and date to be confirmed

1.5 hours per session  4pm to 5.30pm AEST (Sydney)

Check out your local time Click Here

Cost: AUD$111.00

Click on the ADD TO CART button to register.

Once you checkout you will be sent an email thanking you for your order with the details of the Zoom Link.

The Zoom link will be the same for the three weeks.

On the day and time click on the link and you will be taken to a waiting room where Denise will let you in.

The sessions will be recorded in case you miss the session or wish to access the information again.

Please email Denise if you have any questions

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