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Experience a clear feeling of calm to free you from all that holds you away from the present moment, by allowing all to be exactly as it is in this moment.

The Session

This is a journey into your rich, inner realms. It can be peaceful, blissful, deeply emotional or transforming. It can also be thought provoking, unfolding and expanding your consciousness to reveal and enrich a full experience of life. It is also a way to allow your hidden self to reveal wisdom and for you to find a more balanced perspective.

I co create with your higher consciousness, allowing higher energies that have been created by your interest and focus to flow. This is what guides the journey of the Meditation. It is a creative spontaneous process that grounds both myself and you into the present moment where you can feel your creative spirit and wisdom. Each session is unique, for it corresponds and co-creates to the energy needed for your wisdom and healing.

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In person at Glebe Online via Skype, or Zoom – 1 hr $150 AUD

If you have any questions or would like to book please email Denise at

or, if you would like to pay first, Denise will be in touch to make a booking date.

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What can I expect in a Living Meditation Therapy session?

A session will start with a discussion about anything that is on your mind, you can also bring questions or a topic with you. During the initial discussion you may be inspired to set an intention for the meditation. It is also ok to have no questions or topic and allow the session to creatively unfold.  I have an easy, professional manner, where all topics can be discussed in a private and confidential manner. I provides a safe environment to work through and experience, whatever may come up.

If you would like to work on a specific subject – this may take more than one session to resolve.

Next, I will invite you to lie on your back upon a comfortable treatment table, or sit in chair or on the floor. Soft, relaxing music will play in the background as I guide you a journey to your inner world.  

It is a very gentle process, you will feel relaxed and calm and you may even go to sleep. If you find yourself worrying or analysing about what is going on, it is Ok. Denise will show you how to gently move to your centre with your breathe if this occurs. Wisdom, revelations and healing will always occur on some level. In the following days you will find yourself calmer, receiving deeper insights and not reacting in ways you have previously. A session will leave you feeling peaceful and balanced opening you to inspired action. After the healing there will be time for questions and sharing of insights. 

At the end, you will choose a card from my Flower of Life Wisdom Cards. This is a reminder of the experience you will have so you can emulate it in your everyday life.

You are welcome to record the meditation on your device of choice to listen to at home.


Personal transformation and deep inner healing may be experienced during and after Meditation Therapy. I suggest you spend some quiet time with yourself after a session to allow the energies to integrate. If you feel inclined, writing or drawing what you felt during the meditation and what you feel now, will illuminate inner wisdom. You can also bring this with you to our next session for further expansion.  

Regular Meditation practice is also a great way to nurture and honour yourself. You are welcome to attend Denise’s Meditations Gathering  

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~ Tao Te Ching

If you are interested in what other consultations Denise offers please click here.

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Session length

1.5 hour session, $150 AUD

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