Reiki 3A 

The Reiki 3A Course provides you with advanced, mystical teachings to increase your awareness about healing yourself and others. The course is a further step for those who want to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.

It is a two-day course led by Reiki Master/Teacher Denise Jarvie.

Level 3A course will cover:

  • The qualities of a Master Healer
  • Expand your consciousness
  • The Introduction of two more ancient healing symbols
  • The role and responsibilities of a healer
  • Understanding the shadow and techniques to heal it

The Benefits:

  • Deepen your Soul connection
  • Awaken the higher heart and unconditional love
  • Understand self-realization
  • The next step for those who want to become Reiki Masters/Teacher
  • Can help trigger healing of issues at an unconscious level

You will receive a course manual and certificate.

Reiki 3A is taught over two full days on a Saturday and Sunday

Facilitated by Reiki Master/Teacher Denise Jarvie

10am to 5/5.30pm at The Drummoyne Wellness Clinic

Cost is $470.00

Next course dates: January/February 2023

Pre – Requisite: Reiki 2

Please contact Denise for more information.




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