Reiki helps clear and release any stagnant, emotional or negative energy stored in the body. It balances and inspires the free flow of energy that allows us to flow with life, instead of pushing against it.

Denise will place her hands in various positions on the client’s body as they lay comfortably on a treatment table. Reiki helps reconnect you to your balanced, wise nature. Personal transformation and deep inner healing may be experienced during and after the Session/s.

It is a very gentle process, you will feel relaxed and calm, and you may even go to sleep. If you find yourself worrying or analysing as you are experiencing a Reiki, it is Ok. The energy is intelligent and will always go where it is most needed – Healing always takes place on some level. Denise also combines guided visualisation and coaching in the treatment.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “Universal Life Force”



Stimulates and triggers the body’s own natural healing processes

Mental: eases depression and stress

Physical: relieve aches and pains

Emotional: promotes personal development and self-awareness

Spiritual: brings a sense of inner balance

Expands consciousness

Promotes health and natural healing

Gives support through times of crisis




In person Thursday at Drummoyne – 1.5 hr $185 

Please contact Denise for other times.



Session length

1.5 hour session, $185 AUD


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