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A Soul Intuitive Reading is an opportunity to have a conversation with your wise, loving inner self, for the purpose of healing all that holds you away from love and your dreams.

Denise’s channels her higher self “Astar” though out all readings for the exploration and expansion of anything that is meaningful to you. She combines intuitive sight with The Art of Love Tarot cards and The Flower of Life Oracle cards to read and heal with the information that flows from your higher self and the Universe. This brings clarity of choices, decisions and questions you have.  She sees through the eyes of your soul, and not the distractions of your ego. 

This session will help you to see where you are getting in your own way and where you may be holding yourself away from your dreams and desires. Because we are all different, each reading is unique. It is a creative unfolding process, bringing forth information, ideas and love that is needed.

Please note you must have at least one question to begin the process of focused energy.

What can I expect during a Soul Intuitive Reading?

Denise has an easy going, professional manner, where all topics can be discussed in a private and confidential manner.
A reading will start with a short guided visualisation to relax and connect. She will then use her Art of Love Tarot Cards, aura sensing and intuitive sight to read energetic information.

The Flower of Life Deck

At the end, you will choose a card from my Flower of Life Wisdom Cards.


The intent of a Soul Intuitive Reading is to point you to a full alignment with your loving truth. And that all experience is clarifying and calling you to your heart path. You will gain a higher perspective on areas of your life that may be troubling you and learn what to focus on to create more manifestations of love.

Being in this vibration will stimulate your higher and intuitive self and you may experience insights, understandings and vivid dreams following a reading. You may like to start writing a journal, keeping a record of your creative experiences and dreams will assist in the process and serve as a reference for the future.

The information received from the reading and your insights will assist you in moving past perceived limitations and blocks to your greatest potential and purpose, joy and fulfilment.  What you do with the information is up to you, check in with yourself and ask “how does this feel”.  Only you can decide which way to go in each moment and you can decide to change it at any time.

Regular Meditation practice is also a great way to keep in touch with your inner wise self. You are welcome to attend Denise’s  Meditation Gatherings.



In person at Glebe Online via Skype, or Zoom – $150 AUD

If you have any questions or would like to book please email Denise at

or, if you would like to pay first, Denise will be in touch to make a booking date.

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In Person or Online Sessions

1 hour session $150.00 AUD

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