Denise is a Soul Coach who specifically works to uncover the truth and deeper purpose of an individual at a Soul level. She specialises in helping people to release outdated patterns and behaviours, and awaken their intuitive wisdom into everyday life. She is open and warm, with a loving sense of humour that creates a safe space for any topic to be discussed.

You will feel uplifted, refreshed and renewed. If you would like to work on a specific subject – this may take more than one session to resolve.

This is a journey into your rich, inner realms and an opportunity to connect to your inner wisdom. It can be peaceful, blissful, deeply emotional or transforming. It can also be thought provoking, unfolding and expanding your consciousness to reveal and enrich a full experience of life. It is also a way to allow your hidden self to reveal wisdom and for you to find a more balanced perspective on any subject.

Each session is unique, for it corresponds and co-creates to the energy needed for your wisdom and healing.

Personal transformation and deep inner healing will be experienced during and after Session. I suggest you spend some quiet time with yourself after a session to allow the energies to integrate. If you feel inclined, writing or drawing what you felt during the session and what you feel now, will illuminate your inner wisdom and light your path of awareness. You can also bring this with you to our next session for further expansion.

Meditation is a wonderful way to support your healing and transformation. You may like to check out Denise’s three Guided meditation albums that are available as APPS or to download. 

 “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~ Tao Te Ching




Online via  Zoom – $180AUD an hour 

If you have any questions please email Denise at info@denisejarvie.com

Once you pay, Denise will be in touch to make a booking date.

Online or In person Sessions

1 hour session, $180 AUD


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