In the booklet that comes with your cards, I have included information on how to use the cards as well as three spreads specifically designed for this deck. Here I have added some suggestions based on my own experience that will expand your knowledge and tool box for using the cards in your home or professional life. I am always interested in how you co-create – if you find other creative ways to use the cards, please let me know, for this assists us all in becoming more of who we are. I may be a teacher, but I learn just as much from you. Namaste, Denise♥ 

I have placed the information into four topics:

  • For everyday use
  • For professional therapists
  • For the artist, writer or creator
  • For spiritual and meditation circles


For Everyday Use

Message and guidance for yourself or another.

You can choose the cards for yourself or do a small reading for others. 

Use when you or another needs:

  • Inspiration – to enhance your ideas
  • Healing – to bring your mind, body and soul into harmony and balance
  • Comfort – a reminder that you are not alone
  • Clarification – to refine what you already know
  • Affirmation – to believe in your own words
  • Transformation – when you are ready for change

Use with another to gain loving non-judgemental wisdom about each other:

  • Empathy – to see from the other’s perspective
  • Compassion – to understand another’s passion
  • Responsibility – to feel through an obstacle
  • Wisdom – to make sense of anything
  • Perception – to realise everyone sees through their own beliefs and ideas

 Easy Exercise for everyday use

Shuffle the deck, choose a card and look at the image. Allow yourself to go within the image and make that your place of nature for the day. Every time something distracts you from your alignment, focus and come back to this place in nature. If you feel like some guidance, turn the card over, soak in the words and allow the message to soothe and illuminate your mind.

A deeper exercise for everyday use

Shuffle the deck, choose a card and look at the image. Close your eyes and imagine you are part of the beautiful landscape. Immerse all of your senses into the landscape. As you do this, you are planting the seeds of your flower of life. Your flower of life is a multi-dimensional flower that stretches across all aspects of your dreams and desires, helping you to know and believe your dreams are possible. As your flower of life grows it will unfold one petal at a time to show you the path of your dreams. Your flower of life is the path. It has already been created through your desire to realise your dreams. Your job is to feel the path and stay upon it no matter what goes on around you. Do not use anyone else or anything else as the excuse that takes you from your path. Stay in your beautiful landscape for at least two minutes. When you feel ready, focus on your breathing and open your eyes.

Now write down how you felt in that landscape – what did you see, what did you hear, what did you feel, what did you smell and what did you taste?

You have your own wisdom and even if the answers don’t make sense today – in the near future they will.

You may also like to check out the section for the artist, writer or creator.


For Professional Therapists

The beginning and the end of a session

I ask the client to choose a card at the beginning. We read the card together; there is no need to discuss it or check to see if it is relevant. Through this all-inclusive Universe, I trust it is the most prominent energy being emitted at that moment. I then ask the client to picture the image on the card as I guide the client through a short two-minute meditation for relaxation. ( you can use the deeper exercise from everyday use) Then I ask the client how I can help them today and off we go. At the conclusion of the session, I ask the client to place the first card chosen back into the deck and then ask them to pick another card. This is a card of clarity that will always reflect and clarify all that happened within the session. The message will also sum up the healing that just occurred. The second card I give to the client as a gift.

Throughout the session

If a session becomes stagnant, stilted or blocked, you can ask the client to choose a card. This will allow new information to flow that will move the client away from the train of thought that has them bogged down. It also allows the session to move again for greater healing and wisdom.


For the Artist, Writer or Creator

Use for:

  • Inspiration
  • Clarity
  • Moving through a block

 Co-creating with your creative juices

If you find yourself frustrated, devoid of ideas or just generally feeling blocked, stop what you are doing, right now. ♥ STOP ♥. You can’t halt or push against what you have created to make it go away, all you can do is create a new path. But before you start creating a new path, you must come back to a neutral place. You can’t just turn your thinking around in an instant. The law of attraction has a stream of creation and manifestation moving towards you on the trajectory you have been thinking about. Just like a car can’t stop dead and turn around without hurting the contents within it, the same goes for you. It is impossible – if you try to fight against your thinking, it will hurt, you will get frustrated, give yourself or others ultimatums and not keep your word. This will diminish your belief in yourself and have you looking outside of yourself for an answer. Breathe, it is OK.

Meditative exercise

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. As you breathe in, imagine an illumination flowing in on your breath. As you breathe out, feel a warmth flow over and within you, bringing a sense of relaxation. Open your eyes and choose a card. Read the words and look at the image. Allow this card to move you to slower thinking. Let everything slow, let it all be. Breathe deeply. Stay in this energy until you feel completely relaxed. Let theblocks just be there; they are a part of your creative process. There is nothing you have done wrong and there is nothing you need to do in this moment except breathe, relax and allow the card to anchor you in this place.

Practise this everyday for 21 days and you will let go of the old and be lifted into a soft gentle place where every idea, belief and pre-manifestation has slowed to a point that you can sense it and really feel it. Now you can decide what you want to focus on. Inspired action will follow and the next logical creative steps will be revealed.

You are journeying  deep within you, where you can play in the infinite space of creation. You are expanding your awareness through your senses and entering other dimensions and vibrations where your path of creative desires exists in energy form. It has been travelling with you since you first thought of your creations – you created it. You are now taking yourself to a place where you can connect with its fullness and decide if you want to add or change anything. You are a creator, so create, create, create!


Groups and Circles

Use them in:

  • Spiritual groups
  • Support groups
  • Meditation groups
  • Discussion groups
  • Book groups
  • Classes and work/playshops

Ask participants to choose a card for discussion or to meditate upon. This practice helps to break the ice in a group and/or promote interaction. This can be done at the beginning and/or the end of a gathering. Participants can focus on the pictures or the words – depending on the direction of the facilitator. After a meditation, the message will often be profound and clarifying.