52 guidance cards and booklet set.

A beautiful designed oracle card set to consult your message for the day or use the specially designed spreads for deeper answers to your question. For healers and teachers use in sessions for clarity and in groups and classes for confirmation or discussion about a particular subject or topic.

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  1. Jomayra Mendez

    I purchased your flower of life deck last month and it has transformed my life. Thank you for channeling these beautiful messages. This deck is extremely important for anyone on the journey. Thank you. – Jomayra Mendez

    • Denise Jarvie

      Hi Jomayra,
      Thank you so much for purchasing the deck, I am so glad they are supporting you on your beautiful journey.
      Lots of Love and Light, Denise♥

  2. Marlina Isabelle Sendon-Dunn

    I just bought ( “The Flower Of Life” ) deck today, only just learning and practising as it’s always been something I’ve always wanted to do since i was really little.
    What’s the best questions to ask with the tarot cards? If anyone can give me a list of questions please feel free as I’m very curious.

    • Denise Jarvie

      Hi Marlina,

      Thank you for purchasing The Flower of Life deck, here is some information I wrote that you might find interesting.
      In Love and Light, Denise♥

      The question
      Before beginning a reading, it helps to focus intent by formulating questions that allow for expansion. It’s best not to word a question in such a way that only “yes” or “no” answers are possible. This limits the abundance of possibilities. For example, “Will I get this new job?” or “Will my boyfriend and I get married?” lead only to “yes” or “no” answers. Instead, change the question slightly to express what’s at the core of the question.

      Often people ask “Am I going to be happy?”, “When will I feel better?”, “When will I meet the person of my dreams?” These are specific questions, which all humans experience at one time or another. For me, a reading is an opportunity for the spiritual self to talk to the physical being, allowing us to expand our ideas and thoughts about these questions.

      Try asking “What are the positive and negative aspects to me taking this new job?” instead of “Will I get this new job?” Or “What will the long term effects of the relationship with my boyfriend John (be specific and use his name) and myself be?” instead of “Will my boyfriend and I get married?” By changing the wording, we open up our own creativity, as well as the creativity of the cosmos, by giving ourselves choices.

      The following is a list of possible questions or requests that can help focus a reading while keeping choices open. Use these as a point of departure for creating your own. When doing a reading for another person, you might like to involve them in the process of creating an open question. Something you may also like to tell your clients is “Don’t ask a question, if you only want one particular answer.”

      List of possible questions
      Please give me an insight into the issue at hand.
      What do I need to understand from this situation?
      What is it that I’m fearing, ignoring or denying?
      What’s causing this emotional blockage?
      What needs to be recognised?
      What is being reflected back?
      What needs to be taken charge of?
      What’s the source of the problem?
      What do I need to let go of?
      How do I begin?
      What are my strengths in this situation?
      What are my weaknesses in this situation?
      How am I affecting this person?
      What is the pattern beneath this issue?
      What might happen if I do this?
      Why did I lose the object?
      What do I need to pay attention to?
      What does this dream mean?
      What is the message from my higher self?
      What does this number mean?
      What is the message from my guides?
      What is the message from my angels?
      What inspiring information do you have for me?
      What is nature’s message for me today?

      Question readings
      If you have a question, allow the question to be a place to start the reading. Allow all the information to come to you and then make up your own mind. As the reading continues, ask more questions about what comes up for you, the next logical question and step will present itself as you move through the reading. This will give you much more clarity and satisfaction, for it will make sense to you for you have directed the reading.

      Personally, I love it when clients are active in the reading, for we both go to places that we may never have been before, we are creating a new path moving out into the unknown, being pioneers of our own lives. This moves us closer to our dreams and desires that exist beyond what we have known or felt comfortable with. This feel joyous and loving, reminding us both that this is our natural state of being. Being active doesn’t mean you have to say anything, this is how willing you are to accept and allow all to unfold with trying to manipulate the outcome. When you let go all begins to flow, you don’t have to tell me that for I just know and you do also, you know when the situation is easing and feels better. You are so much more than you think you are, you can sense energy and vibrations, in actual fact you do in every moment, but most people have chosen to focus on what they see, believe or think instead of what they sense, feel or know.

      If you want the reading to go in a particular direction ask a question, but remember the quality of your answers and your life are determined by the questions you ask. If you are constantly asking questions of others it suggests you are not willing to ask yourself or you don’t think you have any answers. Think of a reading as a conversation with your higher self, instead of thinking that something will tell me what to do or that good things are coming.

      A reading is not designed to give you yes or no answers, for this limits your choices and what if you receive a different answer to the one you think you want. This will only confuse and annoy you and it may make you feel completely disempowered, or angry at the reader.

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