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Enhancing your life by embracing your soul's vision.

Hi, I'm Denise, I'm here to support you in reconnecting with your soul through coaching and intuitive tools that encourage your soul's vision to come into your awareness, and help you to blend it with everyday life.

Begin to Reconnect

Close your eyes and drop your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and hold for four seconds.

As you exhale, surrender all tension and feel your body relax.

Open your eyes and smile.

You have begun the journey of soul connection.

My Core Vision

My core vision is to live my life as a meditation, allowing all experiences to come and go without pushing or pulling so I can create all that my mind and heart desires. When I began to meditate I loved the way I felt and decided I wanted to feel this way all the time. I turned to meditation to alleviate stress in my life, but instead found a new way to see and experience life. This is what I also wish for you, to awaken to your way of living in intuitive wisdom.

If you dream it and believe it, you will create it. You have been born as an original, so don’t live your life as a copy. Be you for you are wonderful, a being filled with wonder.

Discover Your Core Vision


I love to create empowering and soul based tools to support you on your journey to reconnect with your soul...visit the Soul Shop


This is a journey into your rich, inner realms and an opportunity to connect to your inner wisdom. It can be peaceful, blissful, deeply emotional or transforming.

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Hearing the feather soft whispers from your soul and taking action towards them every day, brings you closer to living in alignment with your soul's vision.

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I have experienced readings, reiki and meditation sessions with Denise. I highly recommend her services as she is genuine and wise.


Thank you, Denise, for a beautiful meditation and wonderful day. You are a wonderful role model and an amazing inspiration to many ... it was great to finally see you again after so long... love and light xxxxooo I love your new meditation CD; it's fantastic, not the same as listening to you live, but it's the next best thing.


Omg I just wanted to say . .. thank you so much for bringing forth these beautiful cards pack - The Secret Language of Light. Brings me to tears every spread I do for myself. They are powerful.

They are so packed of sacred knowledge I feel to my core. 


Soul Snippets

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