Transcend your Beliefs – Connect to a greater reality of your desires

Your beliefs will determine how and what you create in your life. Every choice you make, and every idea you hold will influence what you create in your life. Your inner nature is your Soul’s wisdom.

Your ego or outer nature is the observer of all things, including you. This observation looks at life from the perception of duality – it sees one way or another, positive or negative, good or bad. It also sees through the lens of all the beliefs and ideas you have taken on to survive, be safe, feel loved and be accepted. It becomes your personality, self-image, your social self, a reference point where you measure what is good and bad, in other words, to judge.

Your inner nature brings all together; your ego nature divides and separates. Healing of problems begins by uniting these two aspects of you – Combining your wisdom, mind and ego self with your loving, feeling, and intuitive self will create a magical path filled with realisations and ideas to solve your problems. Also called intuitive wisdom and inspired action.

Whatever is no longer working in your life is telling you it is time to change your beliefs about these subjects. They have served you well, but now you have outgrown them. It is time to discover and clarify what supports your new way of being.

A belief is an assumption about something being a certain way in the future, based on a past experience.

When anything becomes uncomfortable, let it be there. Allow it to be there, for it is happening to alert you to a place where you are losing energy – something within you that is out of balance. Go through the feeling instead of trying to avoid it, and it will begin to heal. Pushing against causes something to stay put.

When you resist, thinking you have done something wrong and it has to be different, all will persist until you find a way to come to peace with what is occurring. This doesn’t mean you have to like what is happening, but just find a way to allow it instead of trying to flee it. If you don’t let go of it emotionally, it will move into your body and try to get your attention through a physical ache, pain or disease.

You have a strong belief in who you are, connect with that, start to dream bigger dreams, and know all will be fine; it is time to move beyond any perceived limitations. You are enlightened and perfect right here, right now; it is only the fact that you think you have to do or be something different that holds you away from that. Be present in each moment, create solid roots and foundations within you and then where ever you go, you will feel at home.

Try this

Write down something you want to let go. This automatically releases it from being stored within. Identify where and how you feel it in your body and write this down. Don’t analyse, just observe and record the information. The next time you recognise this feeling in your body, stop, close your eyes and breathe golden light to this place until it dissolves. Then open your eyes and move forward in your day.

LET GO A message from my Secret Language of Light Cards

Take Back Your Power and Thrive

Let all just be, and take back your light. Stop trying so hard and breathe. Letting go does not mean jumping blindly into faith, but to release the resistance you hold about a subject, so your dreams and desires can be realised. We have all hung on to a person, place, job or idea because we think it will give us what we seek. But, hanging on is the result of unbalanced thinking. This imbalance has you needing compensation. You created a deficit by compromising yourself, thinking that was the way toward your dreams. It was your choice to do that. Now it is your choice to let go and create from love instead of fear. You deserve to have what you want without compromising your truth. You cannot change what has occurred. However, you can change what you do from this moment on. No one has been placed upon this Earth to make you happy, just as it is not your responsibility to make anyone else happy. Free yourself and everyone else of the idea that we must please others to be loved. You are love, and you are loved, no matter what has happened in your or another’s life.

  • There is nothing you need to be or do. Be where you are and accept this is where you are. It is not wrong or right it is just where you are. There is no need to explain or justify what brought you here. The more details you give to a story the more it has a hold on you and the harder it is to move forward from it.
  • All situations and reactions where you are not aligned with your higher self, show themselves. Chaos and crisis offer opportunities for reaching the deepest level of your being and knowing yourself in new ways. Meditate daily to connect with your soul truth.
  • Freedom is everywhere, shift your perception and you will see it. You can release anything by allowing yourself to experience what you are feeling.

May this practise assist you in becoming all that you can be. We are all doing the best we can.

Until next time be Kind, Curious and dream big!

In loving release, Denise

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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