Soul Shop

My husband ordered the Secret Language of Light card deck and I fell in love with them. I use them every day in my practice of self-connection and abundance. The illustrations are beyond wonderful. Layered with imagery of light and sacred geometry, they are not only an energetic beauty, but by their very nature they inspire me to connect and explore the concepts that are presented. Everything about the messages they represent is gentle and invitational. There are no imperatives, only kindness. When I am immersed in them I feel the presence of source energy—calm and soothing.

I’ve had dozens of “aha” moments, created more connection and abundance in my life and as a person who suffers with CPTSD and other anxiety disorders, they offer me moments of calm, the absolute best medicine. I can’t recommend these cards highly enough. I adore them and I know that they have as much to offer to others as they have to me. Get these cards, and don’t just let them sit on your book shelf. Use them and enjoy them every day.
Love and Light,