You are all love – feel it breathe through your whole body. Let it permeate your entire world. Practice the art of being love and watch your personal world evolve. Love is the first emotion of existence. From light and consciousness comes love. Through love, all is possible, with love all is there for you. If you have nothing else but love, you have it all. For through love you have yourself, your soul, and your connection to all. Love will set you free.

Last Sunday I met this magnificent owl. For a few seconds we looked into each other’s eyes; however, it seemed to last an eternity. I felt like I dove into a universal pool of wisdom – stars and planets rushed past me until I found myself floating within the creative heart of the Universe. My heart exploded, exposing a profound stillness filled with dreams, desires and beyond. In this stillness, I could feel pioneering possibilities for my life and a love beyond any emotion I have ever felt, instead it became a state of being. Even though this only lasted a few minutes, the meeting was so profound and beautiful it has propelled me into a whole new paradigm of creation. The look in my eyes says it all. May this owl assist you in becoming you. Namaste, Denise♥

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