As we move toward the full moon in Capricorn – feel yourself becoming more solid with your beliefs and ideas. Make this your starting point for anything in your life and feel the Universe co create with you. Today I feel like I am moving through a crack that has appeared in my perceived reality, peeking behind the veil – expanding, moving into wonder, truth, amazement and love. I am feeling a little light headed and dazed, dazzled by the brightest and clarity – so today I rest and surrender. Here I allow myself to be immersed in stillness and peace where I feel the transformative power of unconditional love – I sit and wait for my inner instructions and while I am waiting I will breathe love into the hearts of all for this makes me feel better…. I open to the creative heart of the Universe and feel liquid light and love oozing within.

What if, the very reason we are here is to expand and experience varied forms of life in order for the Universe to know itself and become more……. And so a new story begins. You know more than any who have lived on this planet before you – because with each passing generation something new grows from the foundations of the one before. You are ever evolving and unfolding.
Breathe in and know you are a precious and unique manifestation of the creative heart of the universe. You have never been before and will never be again. You are eternal, a vast intricate pattern of experience, awareness, light and dark. You are a collection of stories beyond knowing. You have hopes, fears, dreams, desires, visions. You are a world, a universe, a unique and unrepeatable experience. As you continue to explore and know yourself, value and celebrate your uniqueness. From this moment on you will value and take care of yourself. To take care of yourself means to explore, listen, feel into and know yourself as the beautiful physical, emotional and spiritual being that you are.
Everyday take some time to be still. Breathe in peace and breathe out authenticity. Breathe in authenticity and breathe out peace. In this focused truth of you, plant the seeds of your dreams and desires. Once planted the path to your dreams an…d desires unfolds, your job is to be present in each moment, so that you can feel it and walk upon it. It may not always look like the safe path – check in with you for you will know by the way you feel. Be your dreams Namaste, Denise♥

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