Happy Lammas in the Southern hemisphere and Happy Imbolc in the Northern hemisphere.
Lammas reminds us to thank Mother Earth for her abundance and express our gratitude for our own personal harvest. As the energy of the Sun begins to wane,… connect to the path within, draw inward the fulfilment of outer achievements, and feel them transform into seeds of our future.Honour your abundance and success and feel the light of the Sun flowing through you into Mother Earth. Allow your dreams and desires to flow into your seeds, seeing them held lovingly in the arms of Mother Earth, awaiting the time for growth.

Imbolc gives us the opportunity to celebrate the awakening Earth and the rising life force that initiates fertility and growth. The time for action is beginning and Imbolc reminds us to stay connected and present with our inner life as we move create and manifest in the outer world.Honour the growing strength of the sun by lighting a candle, feel the golden light surround you and flow within you – illuminating your path and giving life to our ideas, visions and dreams.

Traditionally this is today, the exact time is Wednesday – the midway point between solstices and equinoxes. Either way you can tune into this energy and expand.

Image: Sacred Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno

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