NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS JAN 21st AUST EST 12.14am. 20th GMT/UTC 1.14pm, PST 5.15am.
The New Moon always gives you an opportunity to spiral within to set intentions, plant seeds and begin anew. In Aquarius, new ways of being and thinking give us the opportunity to embrace all as one. See yourself from a higher perspective, listen to your wisdom and love – trust as you adventure into uncharted waters. As you connect to your truth you feel into the connectedness, illuminating where in your life you can create a unified, humanitarian approach to who you are and what you do. Create, Create, Create……..All things are possible when you trust your intuitive wisdom. Liberate your mind and freedom will follow….

Sit quietly, close your eyes and breathe. Imagine your breath becomes a beacon of light, guiding you to your higher self. You float towards a star…. As you enter the light of this star, all feels familiar. Light beings, your soul family, gently move around you… your heart yourself to receive the waves of love, compassion and peace they send to you. Realise your truth as you expand into the star that you. Stay here for as long as you like……when you feel ready, follow your breath as it guides you back to your physical self. Open your eyes and smile Namaste, Denise

Image by Izzy Ivy


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