I live in an apartment in Inner Sydney. The balcony has sliding louvers that enclose it, that were closed last night. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on to the balcony this morning to see five beautiful white feathers at my feet. Such a lovely sign from my Angels that all is possible and to stay focused upon my dreams. Doubt can sometimes start to creep into my thinking – if I choose to focus upon the doubt, it leads me on a downward spiral. The feathers prod me to spiral within, back to my centre, reminding me to lighten up and focus on love instead of fear. Where in your life can you lighten your focus?

 Close your eyes, breathe deeply and spiral within – Focus upon soft pink and unconditional love. You are moving beyond time and space, into unconditional love. Breathe in pink, breathe out love – Breathe in love, breathe out pink continue for at least a minute. Feel the sense of serenity and power that comes when you are at one and peace with yourself and all things. When you feel ready, embrace and be embraced by the magnificence of your physical body. Mind, Body and Spirit in complete unison.
All is well. Om Shanti, Denise♥

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