Full Moon in Libra, April 4th AUST EDT 11.05pm, GMT 12.05pm, PDT 5.05am. – Total Lunar Eclipse in Sydney AEDT begins about 9pm with totality being at around 11pm.

Can you feel the energy building? Lunar eclipses alter your perceptions, so you can see in a new light. Fresh insights or “Aha” moments will occur to ‘reflect’ your transformation. You may experience ripples of energy moving up and down the spine, arms or head or around your hips. Light headedness may be experienced as the third eye awakens. There may also be buzzing in the ears, tingling within the chakras or fleeting blurry eyesight. You may smell orange blossoms, rose or sweet aromas. A clearing of the throat to speak unique truth of the heart. These are all signs you are expanding and becoming love.

A full moon brings about completion, release and celebration, Illuminating your inner world and deepest desires. Feel the energy of this Libra Moon highlight old imbalances that manifest as patterns and fears. This gives you the opportunity, from your now stable loving perception to transform all into love. As you heal you will become more intimate with you, seeking a balance between the needs of the self and the needs of another. Remembering the best thing you can do for another is to be in complete harmony with yourself for then you will also see them in complete harmony.

A Total Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth comes directly between the Sun and Moon, and the Moon is completely shadowed, receiving no direct light from the Sun, Lunar Eclipses open a void beyond time and space so you can access and feel your eternal being. The Moon… the Goddess… the silvery liquid light. I draw down this cleansing, clearing, healing light… transforming my whole being. Filled now with Grace, Gratitude and Love for my life and all. I can now start to tell a new story……..

Bathe in the light of the moon and feel a state of equilibrium become you. Honour and love your physical and non-physical self, the body, mind and spirit. Allow them all to move into balance as you realise all have equal importance. You are not your mind, you are not your body and you are not your spirit – you are all of these, a beautiful combination that the Universe celebrates as you. Feel this and celebrate the amazing relationship you have with you – for this is the most important relationship you will ever experience and everything else in this reality is a reflection of that. All is one, Denise♥

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