I have withdrawn for a while to turn inward. It was scary at first as I knew there was some house cleaning to attend to. But it has been the most loving and freeing thing I have done for myself in a long time. Insecurity, not enoughness and who would want my help, has come to the surface and poured from me – the tears have washed away the old and I now feel a sense of love and acceptance that has not been there before.

As a therapist and mentor, I know I am no good to my clients if I am not centred and clear in the healing energy of love. So this time out was the next logical step in me becoming a more aligned and inspiring person and mentor. At nearly fifty I think I am finally starting to grow up and realise I don’t need anything, however I have learned I can create whatever I want. There is nothing to fix, just more to love.

As the Winter/Summer solstice arrives use this as an opportunity to turn inward and find your buried treasure and set yourself free. In love and illumination, Denise

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