Love is a state of being not an emotion to make you feel good. It points us in the direction of our heart and answers. It is alignment, enlightenment a neutral place within you your sacred space, where there is no resistance or restriction to the heart or truth of you. It assists us in allowing ourselves to live in our own heart instead of thinking we have to compromise.

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I spent a lot of my life looking for love and friendship in all the wrong places. I thought I had to be different to who I was to be loved and accepted. I had no Idea who I was as I was trying hard to be what others wanted me to be. 

We are trained as children to let go of the inner voice, the inner knowing, in favour of what has been. To trust what we think and see with our eyes. When you think and look outside of yourself, you are connecting to the creations of others and the people that came before. We give great thanks for all that they have created. However, your job is to move from that place that they have created.

Allow all that has been to merge with you and allow your inner self to guide you to new ways of being. This is evolution, the flow and to move against it will hurt, not because you have done something wrong but because you are resisting the flow that will move you towards your highest being.

Different Types of Love

Romantic Love

Family Love

Friend Love

Self Love

As you are reading this, focus on SELF LOVE, for this is the most important relationship you will ever have. It is the foundation of who you are and will shape all the other relationships you have.


Whenever you interact with anyone or anything you are in a relationship with them or it. Relationships in the physical plane are a way for us to get to know who we truly are. The only way we know what we look like is through a mirror, photos or others. The mirror and the photos are a way for us to see ourselves through our own eyes, but our relationships are a reflection of us through an others eyes. Hence, we learn new things about ourselves. Our feelings are intensified in relationship’s because we are so focused on another and the way we feel. When it is great, it feels wonderful, but when it is not so great, it feels even worse. But stop blaming the other person, it is only showing you where you are yet to love yourself.

Why do we want to feel loved from the outside world why do we need to be validated?

We all have our own loving guidance when we separate from it we look for something in the physical world to fill us up to make us feel whole. We do this because we have been taught and have come to certain conclusions that the outside world is more important has more value, why because others can see it, so we are still worried about what others think and validate our existence from their perception or us.

So often we equate feeling good to a person or situation or a place. Do you think this is conditional?… HELL YEAH!

It is lovely to have all these people in your life who love you dearly, and you love them also.

But what would happen if they went away?

Sometimes people change their mind, go in a different direction or die. Does that make what you have just been through with them of no importance or a waste of time? Of course not, because now you have just become a little clearer with what does resonate with you. You have clarified what you love, by experiencing what you don’t want. That is why we never blame another for pain or hurt because that is on you.

When you begin to love yourself, you will take that pain as a sign that it is- you believing someone else’s truth over your own. You are trying to live someone else’s life, to give them what they want, so they won’t leave you. Is this the type of relationship you want, because, it is what the majority of people are living? And it is sooo conditional.

The Purpose of Relationships

How many of us train for a relationship? Somehow, we think we should just know what to do, and that love will conquer anything. What if we approached our work or hobbies this way. Do you think we would get very far? We learn things we understand principles and rules and how to apply them. But in relationships, we just wade in with what we have experienced by the people around us. Know I don’t know about you, but the relationships around me were not great. Most people just banged into each other on a daily basis mumbling something about how the other person always got their way. Then my Mother would say to me Marriage is hard, children are hard. And it got me thinking if it was so hard why would anyone do it. Maybe there is another way.

Love is a state of being, not an emotion to make you feel good when you think something is missing. Your experiences on this Earth begin with your view of the world.  You are the one looking outward placing a filter of your values, beliefs and stories upon whatever you are focusing on. Nothing is missing, look around, and you will see instances of love in your life. When you shift your perception, you are choosing to change the way you see, you are caring about how you feel and creating a new state of being, and this is what I refer to as loving yourself.

When you begin to fill your perceived voids by loving and accepting yourself, you will allow others to love you, until then you are looking for others to fill the void. This causes relationships to be filled with conditions. To create unconditional loving relationships, we must first accept ourselves. You take yourself wherever you go; you are the common link in all of your relationships. The world reflects back to you the energy patterns you are putting out into the world, so the world gives back to you whatever it is you put out. If you want something to change, make a change.  You know yourself the best, and your job is to “Do you well”, whatever that may be.

from The Art of Love Tarot

The Art of Love Tarot

I was inspired to create this deck as a way to remind us all of the love that we are and how to create more love in our world. Tarot is a way to know ourselves by making the unknown known. It does this by expanding knowledge, awareness and the capacity to feel love. Each card is infused with divine love so playing and working with this deck will enable a recognition of divine, loving energy and an awareness of how to co-create with it. It is my wish for us all that love, and deliberate creation will become an everyday way of being.

Five ways to Love Yourself and discover your Loving Truth

1 Start from where you are – Whatever has brought you to this moment has passed. The only thing that matters is what you choose to do from this moment onwards. Every breath every moment is an opportunity to bring more love into your life.

2 Find your loving truth – There are many truths on this planet created by humans. You don’t have to believe them all. Take a breath, close your eyes and feel what resonates with you and let everyone else live with what resonates with them.

3 Know what you Love – When you know what your truths and values are it becomes easier to know what you want to create and love. This step is about getting clear with your path of love. What makes your heart sing and what makes your heart shrink? Focus on your singing heart. If you are not sure what you want. Look at what you don’t want from your experiences and create the opposite. Now go back to Step One and start from where you are. Step Two does this feel truthful to you – if it does go to Step Three and get clearer with this path. If it doesn’t feel like your truth ask another question and start from where you are.

4 Trust your Loving Wisdom – Trust your wisdom by the way it feels. Now you have become clearer with what you love; it is time to feel the wisdom of your next step. You can only hear and feel this when you are in a loving state, in other words when you are in alignment with you. So meditate or do something that you love. Allow yourself to become still and give yourself some space. Your Higher Self wants you to enjoy yourself on the way to your manifestations. Negative feelings are a message from our inner being that something we are thinking needs to change. It needs to change because it is not aligned with our soul’s view of love. If you take action from an out of balance place, you will create more out of balance situations. Come into balance and then action. I called this inspired action.

5 Practice a Loving Perception – Adjust your perception to be alignment with loving vibrations. At first, it may feel a bit weird because this is not familiar to you. Your old familiar patterns will want to come to the fore, because this is what you have been practising, maybe for a long time. Keep practising, and this will very soon become your natural way of living. Learn to be more resilient and not take things personally. Focus on Love to receive more varied manifestations of love.

Just by reading this you have lifted your vibrations and are aligned with the energy of Love. From this place, you will create more opportunities for love to enter your life.  You are worthy of heaps and heaps of love. Open your heart to receive an ever-present stream of love filled with your dreams and desires. Now you have plenty to give to another and help them to create their stream of love and desires.  You are love and you are loved. Be present and start from where you are.

In Love and Light, Denise♥

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