Your soul name acts as a link between your inner and outer worlds enabling you to merge authentic wisdom into your everyday experiences and create a life from your heart. You placed your soul name in your heart before you were born.

Your Soul Name is a secret key that will unlock the mystery of who you are, why you are here and the abilities you have. It is always with you, waiting to be discovered when you are ready.

 As you explore your inner world and open your heart you will discover the name of your beautiful essence. If you are reading this you are ready to awaken your heart and know the absolute fullness of you. You are safe to discover, connect and receive. All your dreams and desires will be realised with an open heart.

Liberate your heart and soul – you are worth it. Your Soul Name, like any word, is a series of sounds.  However, these are sounds unique to you.

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Ask for and be open to receiving the name of your soul. It may arrive in a way you don’t expect, but you will know it’s authentic by the way it feels.

Your Soul Name is unique to you and no one else has the same name. When you repeat your Soul Name in a meditative state, you delve deeper into the mystery of you that will reveal answers and wisdom that supports your dreams and desires.

May you connect with your Soul Name and know the absolute fullness and beauty of you.

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