The beautiful people at last nights’ Meditation Gathering inspired the following words. Today connect to your dreams and desires, breath love into them and breath them into life. When you make this your focus you will begin to see the manifestations flowing into your physical world. You have already created your dreams and desires, your job is to feel as good right now, imagine the feeling you will have when you dreams and desires have arrived. When you become it, there it is.
Keep focused and try not to allow the creations of others to take your attention and move you off your path of dreams and desires. Once you do this – you are now creating something different. Ask yourself is this what I want in my life? Your new paradigm is here………… you can choose to feel into the flow or resist and hold onto the old paradigm of limitations. The choice is yours and yours alone to make – do you choose love or fear, either way you will be loved by your Higher self and The Universe.
Breathe in and give, breathe out and receive. Breathe in and adjust, breathe out and adapt. Breathe in and navigate, breath out and create from a place of love. Repeat until you are in bliss with you.Namaste, Denise♥

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