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Hi, Denise here and welcome to The Vibe.

My twice a month vlog where I talk about the energy that is most predominate as a way to bring clarity and illumination of desires. These themes closely relate to the cycle of the moon. Moons are reflectors of energy feeling, sensing and knowing. Our moon is mirroring the Earth’s consciousness back to us as a way to know our inner worlds. A way to understand ourselves through the senses and impressions of true knowing, our truth. You don’t need to know the cycles of the moon to work with this energy. However if you would like to know more, I have posted a blog called Working with the vibe of the moon, and I have included the link below.

The theme for the next two weeks is confidence. Learning to have the confidence in your ideas, words, intuition and actions.

So let’s begin by grounding and centering our energy through the breath of life with. If you want to, close your eyes. Then take a big breath in, take it all the down deep into you. Hold it, release it and relax your shoulders. On the next breath imagine you are breathing in the colour gold feel it fill up your solar plexus and breathe out anything that doesn’t feel like you. Breathe in gold and breathe out gold to illuminate your path of confidence. Breathe in gold, let it fill you and as you breathe out imagine it moves from the bottom of your feet into the ground – into the earth. Feel how steady, safe and secure you feel right now. You are here, in the moment, in harmony with all of you. Feeling at home wherever you are.

There are many parts of your life you are confident in right now. But a lot of us tend to focus on the things that we are not confident with and try to fix them.

Let’s apply confidence to the theme of responsibility from the past two weeks and create a more dutiful focus on where we know ourselves to be confident now.

This means to acknowledge what you are doing well, and what is going well in your life now and celebrate it, for these are the themes and aspects of your life that are in balance, and you are confident in. When we focus on those things we do well, you bring about any energy that will show you where more of that is in your life. Then you can let go of the need to fix anything for as you move forward and let go of the need to know, the answers will come.

I received a lot of information about having the confidence to trust our communication with ourselves and others. Learning to tune in and listen to your higher self, will give you greater confidence to speak your truth – because you trust yourself. I know it can be a little scary but give it a try; you might just get what you truly want. I call this esteeming yourself and self-esteem problems only occur when we don’t esteem ourselves and give more importance to what others say. There is nothing wrong with getting information from another, but always check in with yourself, does this resonate with me or not. That is how your will become confident with your choices. It has to do with how you feel. If you do not know yourself if you are constantly looking outward and not in touch with your inner harmony, how can you hear your inner guidance. So for the next two weeks. When you wake up in the morning reach for the most confident feeling that you can. As each day unfolds keep reaching for thoughts and words that make you feel good and do this for as long as you can in your day. Then start again the next day and the next and the next. As time moves on you will become more confident in your ability to create a change in your perception and create your desired life.

For added support and clarity you might like to choose an oracle or tarot card at the beginning of the day. Take the card with you or take a photo on your phone and throughout the day look at or meditate with it for just about 30 secs or so. This will soothe and nourish you, reminding you to be confident in your desires. By the end of the day, you will have an expanded awareness of what the message and image means to you – in other words an “aha” moment.

I have chosen a Card from my Flower of Life Deck as a message for us all.

Be confident in the knowing that you are on the right track and be confident in the knowing you are worthy of all that you desire. You are so much more than you think you are – you are love and you are loved. Until next time, Namaste. Denise

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