Working with the energy of the moon

The moon allows us to recognise and respond to our feelings. 

The moon shines light into our inner worlds, making it easier for us to know and empower our vibrational reality that creates our physical reality. Moons are reflectors of what we feel. As you work and meditate with the moon, she honours your bravery to be self – reflective mirroring the light of the sun to you.


The moon radiates different energies during its cycle – from new moon to full moon. I like to work with four phases. New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon. Each phase lasts about seven days three days leading up to the apex and three days moving away. These stages facilitate the process of desire and creation and have a duration of about 28 days.

New Moon worksheet free download

Full Moon worksheet free download

Week 1 New Moon Create a new vision – Sowing Seeds – Intention

Write down seven things you want to feel better about it. If you get stuck think about the different areas of your life – such as: Spiritual, Financial, Relationships, Social, Creative, Career and Physical. Write in the present tense, as if you already have whatever you want. Don’t worry about how they will happen or what you might need to do to bring it in to your life, your job is to identify your desire. Allow yourself the possibility that all is possible and be open to receive. Writing a list of desired things, does not bring them to you. This is just a way to start you focusing on the vibration of what is wanted instead of what you think is missing or something not wanted. You bring to you what you are, the outside world will support your belief of it.

Week 2 Waxing Focussing on the vision – Develop Flower Buds – Resolution

Close your eyes and feel how you think you will when you are living your desires. Really feel it and see if you can identify anything in your life that feels the same and write it down. Close your eyes once again and open yourself the experiences over the past week and see where your desires are already turning up. Remember your feeling is also a manifestation. Then write down seven ways you are feeling your desires now.

You didn’t come here to face reality, you came here to create reality.

Week 3 Full Moon Celebrate the manifestations – Blossoming Flowers – Illumination

List seven things that you can celebrate around the theme from your New Moon intentions. If you can’t think of any, write down whatever achievements you would like to celebrate from the past two weeks. You bring to you what you are, the outside world will support your belief of it. The Path of least resistance may have given you an experience you may not have enjoyed, however, this has you focused on what you do want. And, this is the path of least resistance toward your dreams. So let us celebrate your life in its entirety today. For all experience has brought you to where you are now. You may not know exactly where you are going, however, open your heart to receive the next logical step in the illumination of your desires.

Week 4 Waning Release and contemplatePick the Fruit – Integration

List seven things you have learned or have a clearer understanding of from the previous three weeks. You are in a completion and review phase. This is a time to retreat, meditate and release any attachments to an outcome or expectation. Your inner vision will become clearer, you are refining and re-evaluating all that has been experienced, to determine your next desires to sow.

Repeat this to yourself to feel the Vibe of the Moon

The silvery light of the moon becomes me ….. I am rising, moving higher and higher. Moving beyond space and time, to visit the mystery, the part of me that lies below, above and to the sides. Embraced by silver light… I feel this cleansing, clearing, healing light… transforming my whole being, filling me with Grace, Gratitude and Love for my life and all…….. I can now start to tell a new story……..I remember who I am, as I bathe in the Sea of Tranquillity upon the Moon and feel the goddess rising within me.

Moon Meditation Gatherings

Twice a month Denise facilitates new and the full moon meditations. Each meditation harnesses the energy of the moon and will be different.

The New Moon meditation is designed to connect to your deep inner world to draw upon the unified field of ideas and creation. Come and turn inward and plant the seeds of your dreams. This is a wonderful time to begin anything and to start from where you are.

The Full moon meditation is designed to illuminate your inner worlds and deepest desires in celebration. It is a wonderful time to recognise and rejoice your successes and achievements. It is also a time of grace and gratitude as we let go of all that is no longer needed in our lives.

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In Love and illumination, Denise♥

Image : Moon Tree by Toni Carmine Salerno



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