Now is the right time to forgive something about yourself, a person or a situation. If something or someone, has you tied up in knots and feeling disempowered, you can begin to take back your power and control by forgiving. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but think of it this way. You need something or someone to change for you to heal.

You’re holding a misconception that the act of not forgiving somehow rights the wrongs of the past and has the other or yourself accountable for the behaviour that hurt you. Take a breath and read that last sentence again. Let it sink in… Forgiveness doesn’t absolve another of their behaviour; however, it does stop your precious energy from empowering the event or person.

It is time to change the narrative, break the pattern and set yourself free to create a life filled with new dreams. Forgiveness will expand your awareness, raise your vibration, increase love and trust for yourself and others, bring freedom of choice, and improve your well-being and health. You are lightening the load so you can jump higher and breathe deeper. When you first start this, forgive something small.


This method takes practice – don’t begin with the big stuff as you may not be emotionally ready. Practising with small hurts builds a strong foundation so more significant healing can occur.

1. Identify the act and write down the age you were. Identify it as an earlier version of you.

2. Create a Space for forgiveness; imagine a calming and nurturing place.

3. See the person, event or the younger version of yourself.

4. Read the situation or event as if you are in a court of law.

5. Bring up the anger and pain. Permit yourself to let it out for about 2 minutes. Then ask yourself what you learn from the event or situation.

6. Then, ask yourself what you learn from the event or situation. Write down three things you learned.

7. What do you think the person experienced in the past that created the act that hurt you? Add that to your writing.

8. See it through their eyes. Seeing it through their eyes doesn’t mean you agree, but it will help you understand why it happened.

 9. Forgive into love; give them an energetic hug. Be in charge of your consciousness; forgiveness is the last piece of the puzzle that something beautiful and valuable has come from the experience.

10. Allow the person to fade the space. Then imagine a guide. It could be an angel, light being, a loved one, a pet or the Universe. When you have them ask, “Have I truly forgiving”. Whoever you bring in represents your inner, higher wisdom – a simple method to tap into your intuition. If they say “yes”, – you are finished. If they say “no”, Go through The Method again the next day.


• You can Forgive anything

• Forgiveness liberates you

• Forgiveness doesn’t mean you drop the charge. Pass on the responsibility, so others are not hurt.

• Self-forgiveness – mistakes lead to clarification of what you desire.

• Someone who shows up to a situation in an entirely loving, balanced way doesn’t need to forgive because they will create no disappointment, resentment, or outcome.

• Forgiveness is a superpower.

• Non-forgiveness is the biggest obstacle to spiritual growth.

• Forgiveness is a state of denial of who we are. In our hearts, we are love and loved

• Understanding replaces forgiveness • Each time you forgive, you expand your consciousness and perception.

• When something happens you don’t like, step back and say, “There I go again.” This self-awareness allows you to change the outcome and maybe even have a giggle.

• Your life touches many other lives. When you enter a room, know you are there to heal and bring balance. It will release you and heal everyone in the room. Put kindness into the world.

• Forgiveness allows your dreams to manifest.

May this practise assist you in becoming all that you can be. We are all doing the best we can.

Until next time be Kind, Curious and dream big.

In loving forgiveness, Denise

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” ― Rumi.

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