Reflecting the beauty of you…..If you are reading this you have already heard the call of your soul. You are embarking upon a wonderful adventure – A journey of alignment and co-creation with your soul, you higher self. As you let go or as resistance you will love as your soul does.
♥Let each moment decide your response♥


Today, practise meditation with an awareness of the space between your breaths. Let your awareness follow the breath out of your body and don’t rush to fill the void. Let your breath settle into its own rhythm, don’t force it, but become especially attentive, allowing the breath to leave you. The in-breathing will take care of itself. Don’t impede it; just don’t worry about it. Attend to the exhalation and the space behind it. As you relax in your meditation, you may notice the period of non-action between breaths lengthens a bit. Allow your mind to rest in silence in these intervals between breaths. As you breathe out and in, don’t so much watch your breath as feel it going out, pausing and coming back in. The breath is not an object to be watched so much as it is the process of life happening. Allow yourself to live in this moment quietly, peacefully and fully awake. Namaste, Denise♥

  Image: Blue Planet by Izzy Ivy

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