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Hi Denise here and welcome to the vibe. Today I am talking about clarity.

To clarify is making clear what you already know deep within you. The information that comes through your daily life will assist you in truly knowing what you already know to be true. A resounding ding or an “Aha” will fill your being, feel this, feel how this feels. Feel how satisfied and intelligent you feel, that this information came to you and made sense.

Get to know this feeling, recognise it for it is the indicator that clarity is moving around you. Focus on this feeling and be open to receive the answer. It will come in whatever way it comes, but it will be very soon. You can’t feel this feeling unless you are in the vibrational vicinity of clarity. Trust the feeling this is another layer of your intuition tuning into the vibes of your life. Relax and know the clarity is on its way and there is no need to go looking for clarity, through outside information or another person.

Until you get clear with, you will collect information and look for validation in the way you have always done. If this is working for you great keep it up, but do you second-guess yourself; do you look for answers outside of you? It is time to be esteemed by you; to highlight self-esteem, self-knowing and self-appreciation. We have been well trained into not believing what we feel within, but to believe instead what is tried and tested, what others say is the right thing. Handing the decision-making and your trust over to someone or something else will only disempower you. It is great to get information, for this assists us in expansion. Allow information to mix with all the information you already have and you will soon feel what feels like your next logical step to take or not.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know exactly what you will do or where you are going, you just have to be willing to trust in what feels the best for you in this moment. One moment leads to the next and the next and the next… Your life is made up of many moments.

Imagine in this moment you already have the answers, it is only that you do not think you do that keeps you from accessing them. To complicate this further you may have an inkling, a sort of knowing about this, but over time you have moved away from your own unique guidance. You have essentially talked yourself out of it, because you don’t have physical proof.

In whatever form your higher energy comes to you, know that it knows the essence of you and will always move you towards your highest divinity and potential. If you take on someone else’s idea, you will move away from your highest path and it will feel bad. The pain does not mean you have done anything wrong, on the contrary, it is alerting you that you have just moved away from being in harmony with you to take on something that is not congruent with your highest path. Even if you follow someone else’s advice, it will always feel like there is something missing, because the only thing missing is YOU.

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